The advantages and disadvantages of free software for businesses

Free software is an application dedicated to everyone, be it an entrepreneur or a company. Each user has the right to use, download, study, copy, modify and improve this kind of software. However, this does not necessarily represent only advantages.
software for businesses

The advantages of free software

The main advantage of most free software is their free, because the acquisition of licenses can represent a big budget especially for SMEs. In addition, with free software the direct update costs do not exist. In addition, these programs are downloadable easily and legally. The users are totally independent from the producers. For a company, free software guarantees the possibility of modifying the application at any time, that is to say that the company can benefit from the improvement provided by the software without having to pay anything. Our company specializes in designing electronic invoicing software !!!

Open source software can be transformed by anyone because their source code remains freely accessible. This is a great advantage, especially for competent computer scientists able to modify a software to adapt it to their needs and those of others. Finally, since free software can be examined and modified by all, their faults are quickly identified and corrected, so they are really credible and secure just like proprietary software.

The disadvantages of free software

If you are used to using paid software and you think of trying free software, you should know that they are free, only their functions are generally less advanced. Indeed, some free software features are not yet exploited, because publishers do not see any interest. On the other hand, the paid software is very developed in order to be able to answer the needs of the customers. You must therefore make your choice according to the features presented and your needs.

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a software dedicated to companies to facilitate the management of their relationship with customers. This is an IT tool that allows you to do a business review, in a professional way. CRM is a structuring software that allows a company to understand its customers and customize their services and products according to their needs. Thus, it helps with customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The main functions of a CRM software?

The CRM allows both to retain customers, to satisfy them and to win new ones. Finding a new customer is often difficult and expensive for a company, but with CRM software, this task will be easier. Moreover, with this application, the time and energy spent to change a prospect into a customer is greatly reduced. If, for example, your company has just recruited a new salesperson who does not know any of your customers when he has to solve a problem with one of them, it will be easier for him to solve the problem and convince the customer, with the CRM software. Indeed, the latter will offer him all the cards at a glance.

The CRM will see the history of each client’s relationship with your business. It allows knowing everything. This will make it easier for the new salesperson to explain, argue and solve the problem with the customer even if he is new. Finally, CRM also helps to administer the customer service and after-sales service of a company’s products.

Other CRM features

CRM also facilitates the work of a commercial of a company during an advertising campaign. Indeed, the commercial will easily manage its campaign through a CRM by enrolling each program and quickly find the suites in terms of turnover and sales opportunities. Finally, CRM allows a business owner to easily control the relationship of his customers with his business.

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